1. Local House Churches 
Believers of  a local area assemble in the house of a member on Sundays for worship and fellowship. The local churches derive its name after the place. (Eg: The Church at Kundara). Local churches in a City will meet together once in a month with fasting and prayer for breaking of  bread. Local churches are led by local elders. Members of a local house church meet once in a week for a regular Bible study and fellowship. Local elders teach the word of God at these meetings.
2. Teaching and training 
Bible study programmes are conducted periodically to teach the word of God.  Special meetings are arranged for discipleship training, Ministry training etc.  Intercessors are trained to stand in the gap for nations. Our teaching and training programmes are extended to other ministries and churches also.
3. Intercession and Spiritual warfare 
Prayer vigils and all-night prayers are arranged by local churches to intercede for the nation and also for various personal as well as ministerial needs. Personal as well as corporate prayer with fasting is encouraged at as part of spiritual discipline as well as spiritual warfare. Such fasting helps the individual to come closer to God and receive spiritual deliverance, healing as well as gifts of the Holy Spirit.
4. Outreach and Evangelism 
Activities like tract distribution, public meetings, door-to door evangelism, hospital evangelism etc are organized by local churches towards proclaiming the good news of redemption through Jesus Christ. Missionary trips to un-reached areas are carried out periodically to share the sufferings of people and proclaim the gospel to those who labour and are heavy laden.
5. Media and Publications 
Besides gospel tracts, messages sharing the Word of God are being published regularly through audio cassettes, compact disks, books, pamphlets etc for spiritual edification of believers.
6. Youth & Children
Sunday classes and vacation bible classes are conducted regularly for children. Camps, retreats etc are arranged for youngsters. Focus is given in these programmes to lead younger generation to a closer walk with God learning the basic doctrines of the word of God and filled with the Holy Spirit.
7. Care and Counselling 
Special programs and counseling sessions are arranged separately for children, youth, family and those who are in need. Local churches are involved in care ministries also.
Updated on: 26 Sep 2015